Making Money With Us

Making Money With Us

Do you own a passionate facebook group or page?

The people who are members of these groups make excellent customers and will buy T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters, Mugs all with your logo on them.

In a nut shell if you have a logo for your group we can put this logo onto any item listed above. You can then get a special link for the products related to your group and then we can track any items purchased and you will receive 10% of each sale.

To see how to sign up and get your links just watch the video below.

You can sign up as an affiliate here:

If we have no products for your group - all you need to do is email with your logo and let us know if you want it on a Mug, T-Shirt, Hoodie, Canvas, Flag and we will create the products for you and set up the category once this is set up you just need to type in the name of your product and grab the special link.

Once you have the special link, you need to run it through facebook debugger as your affiliate id will not have been on facebook before. Simply go here: and enter your link into the box then press the DEBUG button. You will get a message saying that this link has not been on facebook before - simply click on FETCH NEW INFORMATION and then give it a moment to find the info. Once this has been done and you can see the image of your item you are good to go and post the link on your group or page. If the image of the item does not appear just click Scrape again.

If any of the items sell you will earn 10% and this can be seen in your affiliate account.

Start earning right now!

Get your products in the store so you can sell them - email